Visualise 2D Frequently Asked Questions


Need a helping hand?

We recognise that an encounter with any new piece of software, no matter how simple to use, may give rise to the odd question or two. If an answer cannot be found here, then feel free to submit your question using the form on our Contact page.

How well does Visualise2D compare with other similar editing packages, including on price?

Exceptionally well, particularly when you consider that there is nothing quite like it! Which other package allows you to doodle with photo-quality images in perspective on a scene of your choosing?

This really is software for everyone with its:

  • ease of use while producing professional results
  • library of photo-quality images
  • availability on a pay-as-u-go basis
  • support by e-mail and telephone

That’s not all as there are:

  • updates concerned with new developments and enhanced performance
  • additional library images

On price, Visualise2D is exceptional also. The opportunity to receive all the benefits from just £25.00 is just unheard of! Consider:

  • hardly any time is required to learn how to use the software
  • with no training, there’s no downtime or associated costs
  • creating visuals in the moment such as during a meeting, not for the day after!

Finally, if you’re still not fully convinced with all that(!), consider which other software not only actively engages but includes the recipient, be it a family member, a neighbour, work colleague or client!

Can I use Visualise2D offline?

Yes, you can. Visualise2D works perfectly well both off and online.

When online, images can be downloaded and updates can be automatically checked for. You need to be online for installation, this being the only way to place the software onto your computer.

Can I use Visualise2D on a licensed network?

If by this you mean can a small number of copies be spread over a larger number of computers on a single internal network, then the answer is no (such a set-up is reserved for software typically costing in the thousands). However, we can offer two equivalent alternatives as follows:

  • As a infrequent user but a user nonetheless requiring access from the convenience of your own work station, what could be more cost effective than to make full use of the pay-as-you-go service!
  • As a more frequent user or a user who would have difficulty in repeat purchasing such is the case of some local authorities, then you can take advantage of our current offer of significant discounts on the purchase of multiple 365 day periods of access (see FAQ below). This applies to both within a single office and between two or more offices within the same company/organisation.

Can I receive a volume discount on multiple copies?

Yes, you can for 365 day periods. As a New Customer you will need to purchase one period at a time to ensure allocation of a unique Registration Code.

Should multiple copies be of interest, then please Contact us for details on how to gain the appropriate discount at the time of purchase as set out below (prices exclude tax; such an offer may be subject to change at any time):

365 day
Year 1 Rate Total
£395 £0
£335 £120
£305 £270
£275 £480
£245 £750
£195 £2000

What payment methods can I use?

After having made your selections on the Purchase page, you can pay by PayPal on the following Shopping Basket page, or choose to continue to the Checkout page where you can submit a form to pay by Bank Transfer (BACS) or by Cheque.

For BACS and Cheque you will receive an invoice by e-mail with full details for making payment.

For all payment methods, once payment has been received and accepted you will receive full details in an e-mail for installing and registering your copy of Visualise2D.

If you want to pay by a method not currently provided, please Contact us.

What happens once I've made a purchase either as a New or Existing customer?

As a New Customer, once payment has been received:

  • You will be taken to a page with a button for downloading & installing Visualise2D onto your computer
  • An automatic check will give warning if you are not using browser IE and/or you don’t have the necessary Windows component.
  • You will then have the opportunity to change your browser and/or download the required Windows component.
  • Click on the button to install Visualise2D which will then partially open, requiring the input of a Registration Code.
  • This code will be sent in an e-mail once payment has been received.
  • Once the code is submitted, Visualise2D will open and be ready for use.

On re-opening Visualise2D:

  • You will not be required to input a code
  • Your Account within the Help section will display how many days of access remain
  • Updates will be automatically checked for
  • You will be free to download images at any time
  • Support is available by e-mail and telephone

As an Existing Customer, you will need to provide your Registration Code at the time of purchasing access.

Once payment has been received:

  • Simply close the browser and open Visualise2D ensuring you are connected to the internet
  • If extending a period of current access, your installation will be automatically updated
  • If your previous access had expired, you will be required to input your Registration Code

Why aren't you offering a free trial?

We would like to and may do so in the future, but with access to a fully functioning copy full of images and unrestricted access to support all for £35.00, we feel it's almost as good as a free trial! Besides, there is the video on the home page giving you a very good idea of what to expect.

Why won't Visualise2D work on Macs?

Visualise2D is designed using Windows technology. This means that the installation only works for Windows operating systems. However, the use of dual boots where it is a simple matter of switching between Mac and Microsoft on the one computer is a way of overcoming the issue.

Can Visualise2D provide an accurate visual for any scene?

Yes it can, though the more challenging the scene, the more effort that is required to achieve this. In this case the perspective can be accurate to a point, but then a couple of other tools can then be used to compensate.

For example, if the scene is taken down one side of a street, the scale of individual images placed on the far side of the road may need to be adjusted to suit. If the ground rises or slopes away, then it may be necessary to adjust the horizon level.

Although Visualise2D is able to produce accurate visuals mainly by eye, it is not looking to produce absolute accuracy. Nevertheless, close-to should be achievable using the appropriate tools.

There are a couple of final points to note. The first is that Visualise2D is designed for scenes taken at a height of around 1.6 metres above ground level. A bit of variance isn't a problem, but from 5 metres up, say from a building, may look a little bit odd although this shouldn't prevent the ideas from being easily conveyed in a professional manner.

Secondly, the surfaces may not be exactly to scale, but they give a very good impression of what to expect which is the whole purpose of the software.

Does Visualise2D support layers for use in PhotoShop?

Not at the moment. For now we can offer a layer system of sorts in that it is possible to turn on/off the Surfaces and Textures via the Colour tool, though this is for use only within Visualise2D.

Can 3D Models be used within Visualise2D?

No, not at the moment. It's possible to display a single image of a 3D model but it is not possible to add one in and rotate it within the scene.

If the need to use a 3D model is because a particular angle is required to be displayed, then we'd suggest a 2D image was taken of the 3D model within alternative software first.

However, this is not the case for surfaces for the alignment of any joints is to wherever you set the vanishing point.