Visualise2D Features


Visualise quickly & convincingly

Key Features

  • Standalone software works both on and off line
  • Automatically checks for updates when online
  • Easy-to-use tools, no training required
  • Intuitive prompt text to guide you
  • Use any of your image files as a background scene
  • Scenes can be either landscape or portrait
  • No measurements of the location necessary
  • Perspective can be applied to any scene

Image Cut-Outs

  • Only high quality images provided
  • Library groups Objects, Plants, Surfaces & Textures
  • All object and plant images set to the same scale
  • Download facility for receiving additional images
  • Upload your own images for your own use
  • Requests for additional images welcomed


  • Add surfaces & textures using 4 tool options
  • Partially hide added images behind masked areas
  • Add text with leader lines
  • Modify the scale of individual images
  • Nudge tool for final placement of images
  • Duplicate, flip and highlight images
  • Adjust the overall brightness and opacity
  • Compare Before and After scenes
  • View mode to display with or without editing
  • Change the scene but not the added images


  • Save your new scene to later return to re-edit
  • Save your new scene as a jpeg
  • Display and printout at 800 x 600 pixels
  • Open as many sessions as you like on the one PC

Advanced Features

  • Keyboard Commands give added functionality
  • Vanishing point can be located outside the scene
  • Surface lines e.g. paving, align to vanishing point
  • Swap images, surfaces & textures within the scene
  • Can accommodate twin perspectives
  • Incorporate your own surfaces & textures


  • Submit your own images for cutting out
  • Short Quickstart videos covering all aspects
  • E-mail support
  • Telephone support