Purchase Visualise2D


Pay only when you need access!

Purchase access periods from between 30 to 365 days with which to activate, extend or re-activate a copy of Visualise2D.

A copy is available at any time after payment is received, for installing directly from this website.

Your purchase will only start from the time of activation, unless you are a returning customer extending a current period of access.

When your access period comes to an end, Visualise2D will close. You can then re-open including saved editable scenes with a new purchase at any time.

For software updates (checked automatically):

  • Whenever you open Visualise2D with a connection to the internet, a check will be made for any updates.
  • If available, you will be given the option to install or to skip.
  • On installation, Visualise2D will refresh itself ready for immediate use.

For image updates (checked manually):

  • Whenever you are connected to the internet, you can check for any available image additions.
  • Involves clicking on 'Image Manager' within the Help section.
  • Arranged in themed groups, simply select which are of interest to you.

Why have updates?

Updates add improvements such as new functionality. On the rare occasion they may also be used to resolve an issue.

Although the possibilities for the kind of images that can be used appear almost limitless, with your help in the way of requests, we hope to go some way to meeting the demand.

Firstly, what is an image cut-out?

In our case it is a subject within a digital photograph such as a person, where the rest of the photograph has been made transparent. This gives the appearance of the subject having been 'cut out'.

Just in case you were wondering, the reason why we use digital rather than computer-generated images is that the former is of photo-quality, as opposed to photo-realistic.

What is the offer?

If there is no equivalent image to be found on any of the sites listed on our Support page, you are free to try out this free offer.

We will provide image cut-outs from digital photographs submitted by customers. These cut-outs will be placed on the server ready for all customers to download and benefit from.

We will do our best to achieve a turnaround time of 10 days, that is, from confirmation of our acceptance of the images to their uploading onto the server. This is for a batch of around 5-10 number, although it rather does depend on the complexity of the individual image.

Why provide such an offer?

Although there is an ever-increasing range of images available within Visualise2D complimented by any image cut-outs you may individually upload to your own installation, the possibilities appear almost infinite! So what better way to achieve a greater range in the quickest time possible and let everyone share in the fun but to encourage the support from all our customers?

Full details of the offer can be found below.

What are the criteria for image preparation?

For the images to be accepted, they will need to be:

  • Of real life subjects, that is, not computer generated
  • In sharp focus and with adequate lighting displaying the subject without obstruction.
  • Of high enough quality. Although this can depend on how large the subject is in the picture, typically an image of 1280x960 pixels will be of sufficient size (the larger the better).
  • With minimal, if any, internal shadow.
  • Have a known origin which we would need to know, for example, image taken from your camera by you.

There may be more criteria for consideration depending on the subject matter, but we would be happy to discuss this assessment process with you by e-mail, or by telephone.

For any images used, we will keep a copy within our central library where it will only be used as a backup for the image cut-out in Visualise2D.

For images not used, all copies will be permanently deleted from our system.

What are the terms of this offer?

You just need to be aware that in providing us with your images, the terms and conditions in the User Agreement apply as well as the following:

  • We would have the final say as to whether or not they should be prepared under this free service.
  • We would be able to add them to Visualise2D for all other customers to use as mentioned above.
  • We cannot get involved in situations of restricted use or copyright, sorry. Please refer to the User Agreement which covers this subject.
  • This excludes images of a product range from a supplier. However, help is still at hand. Please refer to the section below entitled 'What about images from suppliers?'
  • Our turnaround time could be much greater than the 10 days mentioned above, so we cannot be held to any particular date for image completion whatever the situation.
  • There is no limit to the number you can submit, although we would ask that you follow the procedure outlined below.
  • We will be unable to provide payment for images received for this service, although we would be prepared to negotiate for a set of already prepared image cut-outs.
  • Image cut-outs would be for sole use within Visualise2D.
  • In case demand for this service becomes too great, we reserve the option to withdrawn and re-instate this offer over time at any time!

What about images from suppliers?

Suppliers of products such as play equipment may well have many images used in promotional material which would make ideal cut-outs. In such situations we would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity to include these within Visualise2D. Perhaps the benefit of having a product range instantly distributable to many users to include in their visualisations is sufficient enough encouragement for us to be contacted? However, a little push from users towards suppliers wouldn't go amiss!

What are the guidelines for taking images?

Hopefully the images within Visualise2D give you a good starting point. Ideally, they would need to be taken:

  • At a minimum setting of 3 mega pixels with a 'fine' setting if applicable (images come out at around 1.6MB).
  • At a height of 1.6 metres from ground level.
  • Stepped back a bit. Try not to get too close to a point where you're looking down on top of the subject.
  • On a bright but not too sunny day. Try to avoid a dull day.
  • With the sun at a relatively low angle behind you. This can help avoid or reduce internal shadow.
  • Where the subject is distinct as possible from its background.
  • (dare we mention a clean camera lens?!)

Don’t worry too much if your image does not meet one or two of the above as it may still be worthy of acceptance.

Remember also that for each subject, there could be two or more images. Since image cut-outs cannot be rotated within a scene, being 2D, sequential images having been obtained by walking around the subject can compensate for this. Armed with a series of image cut-outs then, it is likely that at least one will fit the orientation required in any given scene.

What is the procedure for submitting images?

Please email your image/s to support@visualise2d.com, making sure that you:

  • Only send us jpegs.
  • Please label the images with any relevant details if you can.
  • Attach individually and not grouped within a zipped file.
  • Include in your email your full name and unique id number found within your install of Visualise2D's Help section > My Account.

If we are unable to identify the sender as a registered user of Visualise2D, then we would be unable to proceed any further with the request.

For e-mails with a total file size of below 4MB, then please feel free to just send them through.

However, if the total file size is above 4MB, please either send in more than one e-mail to get below the 4MB limit or reduce the images to allow for their assessment in the first instance. This latter option could save tying up both our respective e-mail systems!

On examination, we will let you know by return e-mail of our decision. If one or more images are accepted, we will e-mail you again as soon as the work is complete in order to direct you to its location within the download facility.

What's it for?

This service protects you from the full cost to be incurred should you need to transfer your registered installation of Visualise2D to another computer.

This applies to the period of access it was purchased with so it is really more applicable to a purchase of 160 days or more rather than for 7!

The full cost for this service without protection would be £50.00 excluding vat per transfer.

Why would I need to transfer?

There are a number of situations where you may find yourself needing to install and re-activate your copy of Visualise2D in order to avoid losing your current period of access. These include:

  • If your computer fails.
  • If your computer is upgraded.
  • If you need to move your install to another computer.

Of course, if your installation has no further access period remaining, then a transfer would be unnecessary as you would simply purchase a new install.

What is the procedure if I need to transfer?

With protection, once we receive your request and confirm who you are and the copy of Visualise2D concerned (could be the case that you are responsible for multiple installs), you would then be sent an e-mail providing details of a web-location for a new download & install, together with the associated Registration Code.

The lost time from when your request is received to the e-mailing out of transfer details will be added to your access period.

Without protection, this same procedure above would apply, although full payment would need to be received first and no free extension of lost access would be available.

Anything else I need to know?

A couple of points. The first is that this service protects you for up to five transfers during the access period concerned. It could be more, although this would then be at our discretion.

The second is that this service is available during office hours and is typically carried out within a 24 hour period, though we would try to reduce this time as much as possible. We may be able to turn it around even quicker outside office hours, particularly for those customers in a different time zone to ours, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Your Registration Code is displayed within ‘My Account’ under ‘Help’, or on the dialog box advising that a further purchase is required.

Please be sure to enter it exactly as shown. It is therefore recommended that you use ‘copy & paste’ by highlighting the code, then holding down both the keyboard keys 'Ctrl' and 'C' to copy, and 'Ctrl' and 'V' to paste.