Who we are

We are PlantPARTNER Ltd., a company based in the North West of England and working in partnership with two charities, Community Forest Trust (CFT) and White Rose Forest (more...)

What we do

In addition to creating the Visualise2D software, we provide the most advanced and content rich web-based plant information service for landscape professionals in the UK.

The Forests work to deliver high quality environments for millions of people in the North West & Yorkshire.

How it all started

Recognising the need for a new approach to encouraging and developing ideas with communities, Red Rose Forest created 'Green Streets'. This was software named after its project for revitalising the areas in which people live and work through a plan of action bringing greenery to the streets.

Our approach

Coming together with a shared passion for innovation with simplicity, accessibility and affordability very much in mind, we came up with Visualise2D. Removing the complexities of creating photo-quality visuals is what helps make this software truly revolutionary.

Our commitment

Quality and service are also at the heart of this partnership with an added purpose for providing 20% of profits from sales to CFT in support of its greening projects throughout the North West.

With such a partnership you’d be right in expecting nothing less than the support of a first class service.


As a communication tool, Visualise2D opens up numerous opportunities for so many people for the very first time. Based on an old saying, a picture created using Visualise2D really does save a thousand words.